Why Choose Garden State Real Estate Academy for my Training?

Why Choose Garden State Real Estate Academy for my Training?2021-10-14T11:19:00-04:00

More Than Just Lectures

Garden State Real Estate Academy offers both aspiring licensees and experienced real estate agents the critical combination of outstanding teaching skills to pass the state-mandated training—combined with the invaluable benefit of instructors with decades of real-world real estate sales success. Incredibly, some schools simply “teach from the book,” emphasizing the topics one needs to pass the state exam. Our commitment to is teach those topics, not only to help student pass the exam, but to make them memorable and relevant to the real estate careers they will have long after they pass the exam.

Real World Examples To Illustrate The Topics Being Taught

Our teaching methods are not purely lectures, but are multi-media and our instructors use real-world examples to illustrate the topics being taught. We encourage students and instructors to be interactive and to have participatory discussions to ensure everybody is comfortable with the topics being taught. And we have frequent quizzes to make sure that students have understood the subjects they have just had covered in class.

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Garden State Real Estate Academy Offers Training For

  • Pre-licensing students. The 75-hour class that leads to the NJ state licensing exam is offered three evenings per week, or for two straight weeks of weekdays from Monday-Friday.

  • Broker licensing course. Established real estate agents with at least three years’ full-time experience come to Garden State for their broker-licensing classes. The NJ Real Estate Commission requires three separate courses: a 90-hour general real estate course, a 30-hour office management & related topics course, and a 30-hour agency & ethics course. These courses may be taken individually, or as a package, in which case we offer a discounted price.

  • Continuing Education classes. We offer online and live classes that are accredited to give licensees the CE credits they are required to earn every two years.

  • Professional Development classes. We offer a variety of classes that do not come with CE credits, but which offer real estate agents valuable skills they can use in their business every day.

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