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About Us – Garden State Real Estate Academy

Garden State Real Estate Academy has been offering real estate courses centered around learning about the industry and obtaining a real estate agent license since 2002. We also offer continuing education courses to established real estate agents that are looking to deepen their understanding of the real estate industry.

Our institution separates itself from other real estate schools by specializing in small classes, ensuring that every student’s needs are met. With this approach, we proudly produce professionals who have a high pass guarantee when taking any real estate licensing exam.

Real Estate School Offering a Range of Professional Development Courses

Our educators are determined to prepare students to pass any real estate exam. We offer pre-licensing courses and other classes for the following:

  • NJ and PA real estate agent licenses to operate as a salesperson.
  • NJ real estate broker license to oversee real estate transactions.
  • NJ rental property manager license to manage residential or commercial property.
  • Continuing professional development.

All instructors are successful real estate brokers who have valuable insight into the industry and are ready to share their experiences and give real-world examples.

Supplemental Real Estate Career Products

We have a supply of several books that help professionals who prefer learning at their own pace, on their own schedule. Our published works detail how someone can earn their real estate license, pass the next state real estate exam, and apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios to become successful once they earn their license.

We ensured that we cover nearly all forms of learning so that students who respond to specific teaching styles can pursue their real estate education with ease. Students can choose from online and print options to accommodate their preferences.

Tailored Realtor Classes for Effective Real Estate Exam Prep

Our experienced instructors teach small classes in order to customize the learning experience for everyone. We apply our unique teaching style in exam prep courses that give our students a solid understanding of the material and increase their chances of passing the real estate exam.

Although we are confident in our student-focused approach, we recognize the possibility that someone may need extra assistance. We allow students to retake our comprehensive pre-licensing course for only $50 if they do not pass the exam the first time.

At Garden State, we focus our efforts on ensuring that you earn your real estate license. As a result, Garden State Real Estate Academy is now – by a huge margin – New Jersey’s top-ranked real estate school, according to Google Reviews. We continue to grow so we can reach as many aspiring and current real estate professionals as we can. In particular, we acquired A1 Real Estate School as one of our affiliate partners in October 2021.

For over 48 years, A1 has helped at least 100,000 people earn their real estate licenses in South Jersey. Acclaimed former directors have also joined our team of talented instructors. This partnership has strengthened our resolve in helping aspiring real estate licensees obtain the titles they need to operate as proper real estate professionals.

Online Real Estate Classes

We understand that our students are likely to already have jobs and must work around their current schedule to fit in real estate classes. To accommodate busy students, we offer the option of Saturdays-only classes and online real estate education.

We are now providing online courses, giving students the freedom to utilize online learning in the comfort of their homes. With convenient classes and flexible class schedules, we are confident that our online real estate school provides the most comprehensive real estate courses available. We hold our online classes through Zoom.

Let Us Help You Obtain Your Real Estate License on Your Terms

Garden State Real Estate Academy is thrilled to offer relevant and comprehensive real estate courses to help you obtain your license or continue your education.

Whether you need pre-licensing courses to prepare for the next state exam or additional real estate education units to maintain your license, we provide the resources you need to be successful in your career. Our representatives can discuss your situation and determine the best course that suits your case. Fill out a registration form to jumpstart your real estate profession!

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