NJ Real Estate Licensing FAQ’s

NJ Real Estate Licensing FAQ’s2023-06-09T09:09:45-04:00
If I earn more than 12 CE credits within a two-year licensing period, can I carry the extra credits over to the next period?2018-08-02T22:23:58-04:00


If I am a referral agent, must I still take CE credits every licensing period?2018-08-02T22:24:53-04:00


Can I be excused from the CE requirements for extenuating circumstances?2018-08-02T22:25:24-04:00

Yes. The Commission may grant a waiver from taking the required CE classes if the licensee can prove an incapacitating illness, active military duty, an emergency, certain other unavoidable hardships. Do not assume this waiver will be automatically granted; contact the Commission for more details.

If I obtain my salesperson’s license during the two-year licensing period, does the pre-licensing course itself count towards my CE credit?2018-08-02T22:26:08-04:00

Maybe. If you become a licensee in the second year of the two-year licensing period—i.e. on or after July 1 of an even-numbered year—you will not have a CE requirement prior to the renewal period on July 1 of the next odd-numbered year.

What if I fail to get my 12 CE credit within the licensing period?2018-08-02T22:26:41-04:00

Your license will expire. You will not be permitted to list, sell, or rent real estate until you have paid the reinstatement fees and taken the requisite 12 CE credits.

If I take the same CE course twice, can I earn credits twice?2018-08-02T22:27:01-04:00


If I completed my Broker’s license within the current licensing period, do I still have to complete the CE requirements?2018-08-02T22:27:24-04:00

No. Completion of the broker’s license certification at any time during the current two-year licensing renewal period is in itself sufficient to meet the CE requirements.

I am licensed in two states. Can I get credit in New Jersey for the CE classes I took in my other state?2018-08-02T22:28:01-04:00

Not necessarily. The course you take must have been approved for CE credit by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.

What is a Salesperson?2018-08-03T01:45:24-04:00

A New Jersey real estate Salesperson has all the rights to sell, list, or rent real estate while working for a licensed New Jersey real estate broker. This can include residential, commercial, investment property, mobile homes, rentals (short- and long-term). A salesperson may NOT manage a real estate brokerage and is always acting as an agent for their employing broker

What is a Broker?2018-08-03T01:44:59-04:00

A real estate Broker in New Jersey can be a Broker-Salesperson or an employing Broker, Broker-Manager or Broker of Record. As the name suggests, a licensed broker is authorized by the Real Estate Commission to manage an office—or even several offices, or to act as owner of one or several real estate agencies

What is a Referral Agent?2018-08-03T01:44:34-04:00

A Referral Agent is a person who has passed the 75-hour pre-licensing class and passed all the requirements to become a real estate salesperson. However, they have chosen not to become engaged in actively selling, listing or renting real estate. Instead, they choose to belong to a broker’s referral pool. They incur few of the fees that salespersons and brokers must pay. When they know of a person who wants to buy, sell, or rent real estate, they refer the prospective client to their broker, and he or she assigns the lead to a licensee in his or her agency. The referral agent cannot in any way be involved with sales presentations, submitting required documentation, sitting open houses, etc. But when the sale ir lease is completed by the licensee who received the referral, the referral agent receives a referral fee from the broker. Referral agents are not required to undertake any CE credits. However, if they later decide to become actively involved in the sale, rental, or listing of real estate, they will have to bring their CE credits up to date

How do I get a New Jersey real estate license if I am currently licensed in another state?2019-01-31T14:48:20-05:00

New Jersey has no reciprocity with other states. If you are licensed in another state and your licensing there required you to take 75 hours or more in a licensed pre-licensing school, you may apply to take the New Jersey licensing exam. If you earned your license with fewer than 75 hours of study in a real estate school, you should take our Non-NJ Agent Transition Course to make you eligible to take the New Jersey licensing exam.

How do I also obtain BOTH New Jersey and Pennsylvania real estate licenses?2019-05-27T11:27:19-04:00

It is always best to get your NJ license first, because the NJ state exam is a 110-question combined test of both national and state topics. In PA, you take two exams: one with national questions and one with just PA real estate questions. So earn your NJ license, then request from the NJ Real Estate Commission a “Good Standing Letter.” Submit this to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission (their exams are also administered by PSI) and you will only have to take the 30-question PA section of the exam, not the entire national section.

For complete details on CE credit requirements, visit the NJ Real Estate Commission.

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