Welcome to our new Website


Real Estate Academy ClassroomGarden State Real Estate Academy is celebrating our new ownership by introducing this website. Our goal is to make www.GSREAcademy.com a resource—not just a sales pitch platform. It contains details of our real estate education classes for established real estate professionals who need continuing education credits or who wish to upgrade their credentials to become brokers. It shows when and where our pre-licensing classes and exam prep classes are for those who want to start real estate careers—and the ability to quickly and easily register for all those courses and classes.

But we go beyond that.

Our new website—www.GSREAcademy.com—has all sorts of links to take you to the definitive source of information concerning real estate licensing, the status of existing Realtors® CE credits, Fair Housing rules, etc. We will also have regular blog posts—always intended to be a quick read—that provide helpful or interesting information for those contemplating careers in real estate.

So it is our goal to make Garden State Real Estate Academy the real estate school of choice in South Jersey? Of course! But we want to do that by making this website a true resource of information that you can return to over and over again to find material you will need to become a licensed real estate agent, to enhance your real estate career, and to make you an ever-better Realtor® WE don’t want to be the only one saying Garden State Real Estate Academy “Delivers Excellence in Real Estate Education”—we hope you will say that too!

Welcome to GSREAcademy.com!

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