The Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Career


becoming a real estate agent

Becoming a real estate agent is one of the best decisions you can make. Real estate agents are are responsible for helping people buy or sell real estate property. Additionally, a real estate agent can help businesses and individuals find tenants for rental properties. Overall, working in the real estate industry offers you many opportunities to grow and thrive as a professional.

Garden State Real Estate Academy – one of the most trusted real estate schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania – has created a comprehensive list of the advantages of being a real estate agent. Keep reading to see if the real estate business is the perfect fit for you!

Why Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Flexible Hours

Working a nine-to-five job is something that many people detest. There’s no flexibility in your schedule, and you’re obligated to work for eight hours a day or more just to earn your salary. It’s no wonder that many of us are looking for a different path where we’re free to work whenever we like for however long we like.

A flexible schedule is one of the biggest benefits of being a real estate agent. You can work with as many clients or as few clients as you want, giving you the option to spend the rest of the day focusing on other things. In addition, you can earn money equivalent to an eight-hour job in just a few hours once you’re an expert in the field.

Excellent Income Potential

Speaking of earning money, the real estate industry allows you to earn as much as you can. As long as you’re savvy enough to sell multiple homes in a short time span or you have the time and energy to take on additional work, you could potentially be continuously earning commission.

In most regular jobs, you can only earn what’s in your contract per month. However, as a real estate agent in a hot market like the New Jersey real estate market, you can continue working even if you’ve already reached your desired quota of real estate transactions for a given time period.

Great Opportunities for Business Growth

As you begin your journey as a real estate agent, you can be a solo professional working in a set location. Soon enough, you’ll gain more skills and become a more in-demand agent. You’ll soon have the option to grow and establish your own real estate business or real estate brokerage.

You’re free to hire assistants, mentor newbie agents, and run a firm that offers a more expansive set of services. There are many ways you can expand your business and succeed at your own pace. That’s one of the guarantees of being a real estate professional — being your own boss.

Easier Career Path

To become a real estate expert, you don’t need to have a college degree. Tertiary education isn’t necessary to get your license. You’ll only need to enroll in a pre-licensing course offered in a respected real estate school.

To become a New Jersey real estate agent, you’ll need to complete 75 hours of real estate coursework before you can take the real estate licensing exam. Compared to studying for four years minimum for a bachelor’s degree, 75 hours is a pretty minuscule amount of time.

It’s also much more affordable for young people just starting out or those looking to move into a new career later in life. People from all backgrounds have the opportunity to become real estate agents.

Job Security

Once you’ve completed your real estate education, you’ll only need to renew your license once every three years if you’re a broker, assessor, or consultant. A real estate salesperson will need to renew theirs every year once they’ve passed the real estate salesperson exam. Aside from these regular processes, you won’t need to do much else outside of providing real estate services.

People will always need a real estate agent. Even if the market is slow and inventories are high, things aren’t permanent. As long as you can find potential buyers and sellers, you’ll have a job. It isn’t like other industries with highly fluctuating demands and less stable job security.

Expansive Network

Getting to work with a wide range of people allows you to expand your network to new heights. With this reach, you’ll have access to professionals, services, and other special privileges offered to those who are part of a large community. This can mean first dibs on properties in popular zip codes, off-market sales, and other opportunities that will increase your revenue.

With an expansive network, you can also connect your clients to other professionals who can address their other needs. This is how you earn the loyalty and continued patronage of clients, even if you’re a new agent.

Becoming a Pillar of Your Community

After you earn your real estate license and become a trusted agent, you’ll learn how important the industry is to a community. You’re often one of the first people to meet new community members and can connect people share interests or would work well together. You can be instrumental in helping to build a vibrant community for all residents.

In addition, you’ll serve as the middleman for new property owners and their new town. They’ll depend on your network to access other professionals, services, and businesses. Thus, you can easily turn into a trusted authority that helps many property owners.

Real Estate: How to Become an Agent

Now that you understand the benefits you’ll enjoy in this career, we’ll discuss what you need to do to become a professional in real estate. Whether you want to become a real estate broker, real estate salesperson, or real estate agent, you’ll still need to undergo a standard process to earn a real estate license.

  1. Do Your Research: You’ll want to understand the requirements for obtaining a real estate license, which vary depending on the state. Some of them require a college-level education in certain subjects; others will ask for a background check, and some will require you to be a permanent resident of the state. Many states have license reciprocity, which allows you to work in the state so long as you are licensed in the reciprocal state.
  2. Accomplish the Educational Requirements: For all states, you’ll need to complete the required education before you can get a real estate license. There are real estate schools throughout the country offering comprehensive courses for aspiring agents. As mentioned, you only need 75 hours of pre-licensing courses in New Jersey. Garden State Real Estate Academy offers courses to cover these requirements and fully prepare you to be an excellent real estate professional. We also have real estate pre-licensing programs and continuing education for those in Pennsylvania. If you want to become a real estate agent and achieve a successful career, enroll in our real estate courses today!
  3. Pass the Real Estate Exam: Signing up for a real estate license exam is different from applying for a license. The former is a major step by itself. You’ll need to pay an application fee and register for an exam date through a third-party test administrator or testing center. Then you can take the state licensing exam. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’re finally ready to apply for a real estate license.
  4. Apply for Your License: You’re only a few steps away from officially starting your real estate career! Once you have your real estate exam results, submit them to the state real estate commission along with your license application fee and license application papers. You’ll need to wait a few weeks to two months before you finally get your license. Once you receive it, you’re ready to become one of your community’s trusted real estate agents.

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When you become a real estate agent, you get to enjoy many benefits that other career paths don’t offer – no income caps, flexible schedules, expansive networks, and even job security. 

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