Top 10 Questions Asked at our Real Estate School


April 3, 2019 I had just left the graduating class of our Cherry Hill real estate school and was reflecting on some of the comments the students had made as they prepared to take their final exam that day. My thoughts were interrupted by a caller inquiring about registering for school with the notion of [...]

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Best Personalities for Real Estate


March 13, 2019   It may be a cliché, but when we have three real estate licensing classes every month, we get to see many different personality types. Imagine everybody from a person who just graduated high school to a teacher nearing retirement, and from police officers and firefighters to moms who want to sell [...]

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“My life is over . . . I just failed my real estate exam!”


February 27, 2019 Throughout our New Jersey real estate pre-licensing classes, we tell students, “Our biggest and most important goal is to help you pass the state exam so you can begin your real estate career.” Then as they graduate, we send them off with one simple request: “When you pass the state real estate [...]

“My life is over . . . I just failed my real estate exam!”2019-03-09T17:03:27-05:00

2019 Housing Market Forecast


January 30, 2019 As my friend Bill Gelernt of Oak Mortgage says when clients ask where interest rates are going, “My crystal ball is in the shop for repairs right now.” So it was a real challenge when a student in our Cherry Hill real estate licensing class this month asked, “Where do you think [...]

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2018 South Jersey Real Estate Recap


Looking Back, Looking Forward January 22, 2019 Legend has it that the very moment the announcement is made from Buckingham Palace that the reigning monarch has died, the same announcer immediately—in the same sentence—declares loyalty to his or her successor. Whether they are agents in real estate school trying to earn a New Jersey real [...]

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Counting my Blessings


December 20, 2018 This message has nothing to do with getting one’s NJ real estate license or our real estate school or buying and selling houses. Then again, maybe it has something to do with everything we do, both as individuals and as real estate professionals. As a child, growing up in a Salvation Army [...]

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Making the BIG Bucks as a real estate agent: True or False?


December 18, 2018 As director of the Garden State Real Estate Academy, I often look out at the students studying for their New Jersey real estate license and silently wonder, “Who among you will be future superstars, and who will be out of the business in six months?” I really hope every one of those students [...]

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“Oh NO! I Failed my NJ Real Estate Exam!”


December 14, 2018 Every time we have a New Jersey real estate licensing class, students go through 75 hours of intense education in real estate law and practice and then they graduate from our real estate school. On the last day of the course, they exchange phone and email contacts and then they tell our [...]

“Oh NO! I Failed my NJ Real Estate Exam!”2019-03-09T17:26:25-05:00

“They stole my listing!”


December 10, 2018 We were halfway through the last real estate licensing class in Cherry Hill when one of the aspiring Realtors® told the class a story. “My friend just changed from xxx Realty to yyy Realtors®,” she said, and after she told them she was leaving, the brokerage wouldn’t let her take her listings [...]

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“Honor God; Help People.”


December 5, 2018 The speaker at my Rotary meeting this morning was Cedrick Brown, one-time Eagles player and now an accomplished author and successful pastor of a church with campuses in Lindenwold, Wilmington and Rowan University. As he told his fascinating life story that led him to his current vocation, Pastor Brown summed up his [...]

“Honor God; Help People.”2019-03-09T17:32:43-05:00
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