The “Ready for a Real Estate Career?” Quiz


July 28, 2022

When people call the real estate school, they often ask questions such as:

“How do I become a real estate agent?”

“How do I get a real estate license?” and,

“What sort of person makes a great real estate agent?” The following quiz should help you decide if a real estate career is right for you.

  1. Given a choice I:
    1. Need the security of a regular paycheck.
    2. Would prefer a regular paycheck but I can survive for a while without one while I build a real estate career.
    3. Have sufficient savings or other income to let me go for 6 months until commissions start coming in.


  1. I primarily want to become a real estate agent because:
    1. I watch lots of TV real estate shows and it seems like an easy way to make money.
    2. A friend or experienced agent has encouraged me to do so.
    3. I like selling and want to own my own business.


  1. If I was in a networking meeting, such as a Chamber of Commerce event, my natural preference would be to:
    1. Listen to presentations and talk to people if they talk to me first, but it’s not my style to take the initiative to go around introducing myself.
    2. Have a display table and hand out business cards and materials if people approach it.
    3. Set a goal to meet and talk with a minimum of so-many people I’ve never met before and initiate conversations on how we might help each other cross-refer business.


  1. You have a goal of making 3 appointments a day with potential clients. It is 5PM and you’ve only made two appointments. Your natural inclination would be to:
    1. Go home feeling frustrated that you failed in your goal.
    2. Go home but with a hard goal to add one additional lead to tomorrow’s lead generation time.
    3. Stay and continue lead generating until you have made your goal for the day.


  1. What is the primary reason for choosing a real estate career?
    1. I love the idea of seeing house and showing homes to people.
    2. The money I can make.
    3. Helping people solve their real estate problems.


  1. Would you say you are primarily motivated by:
    1. Motivational speakers, books, etc.
    2. The ability to improve my family’s life.


  1. If a seller told you your commission was too high, compared to a competing listing agent, you would probably:
    1. Immediately beat the other agent’s commission rate.
    2. Call your broker to see if you could match their rate.
    3. Explain why your value will deliver a better bottom line for the seller, and a lower co-op commission can actually cause buyers’ agents to avoid showing his home.


  1. Your buyers want to see homes on Saturday. They started off with a list of 9 properties on Tuesday and have sent three emails since then adding additional homes. After making appointments to show 13 homes, they just called an hour before you are meeting to add four more. You would most likely:
    1. Gladly add the four additional homes to the tour.
    2. Tell them no because you have already put together the appointments for the 13 they requested.
    3. Explain there is no time to change the showing order now and to suggest you meet 30 minutes earlier to have a buyer consultation to narrow their search criteria.


  1. If the Productivity Fairy were to open your planner at 11PM on Sunday night would she find:
    1. Lots of blank spaces for the following week.
    2. A few entries such as “Sales Meeting,” “Call X,” and Closing on X address.”
    3. Time blocks each day with blocks assigned for lead generation, meetings with sphere of influence, and personal growth time.


  1. You’ve been showing homes to a newlywed couple and they just can’t seem to make decision. “I like the home on Devon Court, but Dave likes the one of Golfview Drive,” says the wife. Which one do YOU think we should buy?
    1. Tell them it’s not your home and they should make the decision between themselves.
    2. Tell them which one you think they should buy and that in this seller’s market they should put in an offer quickly or they’ll lose it.
    3. Sit with them both and ask the husband and wife to list what they see as the positives and negatives of each property and then help them narrow it down to the points on which they both agree.

Now list below how many answers you have in each category:

“A” Answers “B” Answers

“C” Answers

 x1 point:   x 2 points:   x 3 points:
Total of all three columns:

15 or fewer points: Think of a different career!

16-22 points: Real estate could be a good career, but you should enroll in a mentoring or coaching program.

22 or more points: Get that license right now! You get it!

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David C. Forward is a licensed real estate broker and instructor and was first licensed as a Realtor® 34 years ago. During his career, David and his business partner sold more than 500 homes in South Jersey.  He is now School Director of Garden Real Estate Academy, has won numerous awards for real estate sales, is a much-requested public speaker who has addressed audiences on six continents. His 20th book Zero to Hero: Winning strategies for new real estate agents to become SuperStars in their first year was released this month.

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