New Online State Exam Requirements

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18 September 2020

Announcing the biggest change in NJ real estate licensing in 25 years! If you are planning to take the NJ real state licensing exam after today, you MUST learn this new procedure.

Effective Monday, 21 September, 2020, you will have the option to take your real estate exam the traditional way, in a PSI testing center, OR you will be able to take the state exam online in the comfort of your home—and can do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note the following critical conditions and tips.

  1. You must have a computer (preferably a laptop) with the following minimum features:
    1. A webcam and microphone.
    2. Windows 7 or later.
    3. Minimum 400 kb/s bandwidth.
    4. 2 GB of RAM memory, with at least 1 GB of free space.
    5. Minimum 1368 x 768 screen resolution.
  2. PSI will have an entirely new web portal on which you, the candidate, must make your own exam registration AFTER Garden State Real Estate Academy has uploaded your details and attested to your having passed the course and the school’s final exam. That url is: . This is the ONLY way to make an exam reservation. The last day under the current system is Monday, 21 September, and to ease the transition, PSI will not accept registrations on Sunday, 20 September. You can use this new url to make reservations only from 21 September onwards, for exam times beginning at midnight on 21 September.
  3. From 21 September, Garden State Real Estate Academy send into PSI your details the same way we have always done. You should then access and the first thing you’ll see on the new landing page is the option to “Sign Up” to create an account. Go ahead and do so.
  4. On the left-hand side of the next screen, you will see a series of exams, and you will see the exam which Garden State Real Estate Academy has certified you to be qualified to take. Now you pay for the exam, using a credit card. The price has not changed.
  5. The next screen will offer you the choice of modality: to take the exam at a PSI test center, or online. Choose as you wish. If you choose a PSI “bricks and mortar” site, nothing will change from the current system, and you need read no further. Either way, PSI will send you a confirming email.
  6. If you choose to take the exam online, be careful if you are using a work computer that for security purposes is set up to not accept 3 rd party cookies, as that won’t work.
  7. The next thing you must do is download the PSI Bridge platform. You can go no further without this. I strongly suggest you do this well in advance of your exam time—even a day or two in advance—to ensure you have done it correctly and understand how to use it. You don’t want precious minutes of your exam time to slip away while you are trying to download or understand the PSI Bridge.
  8. There will be a series of items on a checklist, such as your high school graduation or criminal conviction questions. Unless you see a big green check mark beside EACH of these, you won’t be able to proceed.
  9. Your question at this point is probably, “How would PSI know if a person cheated when they took the exam at home?” THEY WILL KNOW, so don’t even think of testing out this!
  10. As stated before, you can literally take the exam 24/7. But PSI has a limited number of proctors, so if you try to reserve 4AM on Thursday, you may get a message saying you’ll have to wait until 5AM.
  11. There will be a live proctor watching you the entire time. In an emergency, you can use the chat feature to type an urgent question, but you really should have no contact with the proctor.
  12. Now you’ll see why the statement in # 9 was so emphatic:
    1. The PSI Bridge is a security lockdown browser. It will lock down all peripheral devices, such as printers or external hard drives while you are taking the exam.
    2. You must start by showing the proctor your government photo ID, which he/she will compare to your face. Then you will be asked to put your other form of ID in front of the camera, along with your confirmation that was emailed.
    3. You must then do a complete 360-degree camera sweep of the room to show the proctor that there is no iPad or other screen or person from which you could get answers.
    4. You must not speak to ANYBODY during the exam. That even means you must not even read the question aloud to yourself. The proctor can hear you, but you cannot hear the proctor. The entre exam will be videotaped and kept by PSI for review in case they feel you have cheated.
    5. Your cellphone must be turned completely off and not anywhere near where you are sitting.
    6. You cannot move away from the computer AT ALL. You cannot turn your lead to the left or right in a way that could cause the proctor to think you are referring to something or somebody.
    7. You cannot have ANY books, or even paper near you. If you need to work out a math question, use a small whiteboard and show the proctor what you are doing, then show him/her that you have erased everything when you’ve answered the question. The only calculator you can use is the one on your computer.
    8. Proctors have “built-in automation security features” which enable them to detect if, for example, you have something on your screen other than the PSI exam. The proctor will be able to see through your camera and to see what is on your computer screen.
    9. You cannot wear headphones or ear buds.
    10. You cannot have any form of food or drink anywhere close to where you are sitting.
  13. You will have the same four hours to complete the exam as always.
  14. When you pass, it will immediately show that you have passed on the screen and will email you a passing certificate. This is what you will ultimately present to your employing broker after your criminal background check.
  15. If you do not pass, you can still follow the same procedure to retake it, after a minimum waiting period of 24 hours.


You still mail the original Certificates of Completion from your three broker pre-licensing classes to the NJ Real Estate Commission. The Commission will in future email you their Certificate of Examination Eligibility. You can then follow the above procedures, showing the proctor that certificate as you sit down for the exam.

You can view the “Introducing PSI Bridge” introductory video HERE.

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