How to Get a Real Estate License in New Jersey: The Top 10 FAQs


Are you considering a career in real estate? If you find yourself captivated by the world of property transactions and eager to embark on a journey in the dynamic New Jersey real estate market, you’re in the right place. At Garden State Real Estate Academy, we receive countless inquiries from individuals who are eager to obtain their New Jersey real estate license.

To help answer the most common questions we receive, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten FAQs. Whether you’re curious about the eligibility requirements, the licensing process, job placement assistance, or exam preparation resources, this article will provide you with all the essential information you need to know. So, let’s explore the path to becoming a licensed real estate broker in New Jersey and discover how Garden State Real Estate Academy can guide you toward a successful career in real estate.

1: How do I get a New Jersey real estate license?

Easy. You must:

  • Be at least 18.
  • Be legally allowed to work in the United States.
  • Be a high school graduate or the equivalent.
  • Complete our 75-hour pre-licensing course, which we offer during the day and the evening, and in-classroom or via Zoom.
  • Undergo a criminal history background check.
  • Pass the state exam.
  • Pay the licensing fee.

2: Where do I get a New Jersey real estate license?

After completing all the above requirements, you join a brokerage and the broker applies for your license through the NJ Real Estate Commission.

3: Can Garden State Real Estate Academy help me with job placement?

Absolutely. We are a completely independent real estate school, so we’re not trying to direct you to a broker that owns us. We have great referrals to outstanding real estate agents and brokerage firms all over the state.

4: How do I get a New Jersey real estate license?

Easy. As soon as you choose a broker after completing the steps above, the broker will apply to the Real Estate Commission for your license.

5: Is Garden State Real Estate Academy licensed by the Real Estate Commission?

Yes. In fact, we are fully approved to teach salesperson and broker licensing and continuing education for BOTH New Jersey and Pennsylvania real estate licenses.

6: When I get my new real estate license, can I sell in Pennsylvania and New York also?

You must have a real estate license for each state. But Garden State Real Estate Academy can help you get your real estate license in those other states also.

7: What does real estate school cost?

As much as $700. Garden State Real Estate Academy charges $389. That’s the total cost and includes the textbook. There are no hidden fees.

8: What if I have to miss one or more classes, such as if I have to work or have a vacation already booked?

No problem. We have three or four courses going on simultaneously, so if you missed classes in one course we give you the flexibility to make up those classes in another course at no additional cost.

9: What if I fail the state exam or your school’s final exam?

We let you retake our exam at absolutely no cost up to four times. You can retake the state exam as many times as you need, you just need to pay PSI (the exam provider) $38 for each attempt.

10: Can you provide me with extra help if I feel I’m having trouble understanding the material?

Yes. Firstly, our instructors all draw rave reviews from their classroom guests (check out our Google Reviews) and every one of them will take the extra time to explain whatever you’re having trouble with. We are also the only real estate school in New Jersey that has our own amazing exam prep resources, including:

  • Live exam prep classes are led by a senior instructor.
  • Our “New Jersey Real Estate Exam Prep Guide.”
  • A book with 1,000 real estate exam-type questions on the exact subjects that will be in the state exam.
  • Our “Real Estate Math Made Easy” book is for those who are worried about math questions.

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