What is a Referral Agent?


A Referral Agent is a person who has passed the 75-hour pre-licensing class and passed all the requirements to become a real estate salesperson. However, they have chosen not to become engaged in actively selling, listing or renting real estate. Instead, they choose to belong to a broker’s referral pool. They incur few of the [...]

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What is a Broker?


A real estate Broker in New Jersey can be a Broker-Salesperson or an employing Broker, Broker-Manager or Broker of Record. As the name suggests, a licensed broker is authorized by the Real Estate Commission to manage an office—or even several offices, or to act as owner of one or several real estate agencies

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What is a Salesperson?


A New Jersey real estate Salesperson has all the rights to sell, list, or rent real estate while working for a licensed New Jersey real estate broker. This can include residential, commercial, investment property, mobile homes, rentals (short- and long-term). A salesperson may NOT manage a real estate brokerage and is always acting as an [...]

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