5 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Career


In our last blog, we reflected on the question frequently asked by our real estate school students: “What are the risks and rewards of a real estate career?” It is a great question, and certainly one which should be considered before you sign up to get a new real estate license.

In that article, we gave the five most-frequently cited reasons why agents give up on their new real estate licenses. Today, we give equal time to the reasons why real estate can be a GREAT career.

Garden State Real Estate Academy is an independent real estate school. We are not owned by any real estate brokerage, so we pride ourselves on giving neutral independent training and advice; this is not a school owned by a brokerage that is a thinly disguised agent recruiting tool.

The GREAT reasons to consider a real estate career include:

  • Unlimited income potential.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Personal fulfilment from helping people.
  • You cannot be fired.
  • Varied work

Unlimited income potential.

That is, without reservation, an accurate promise. There are some who earn their real estate license, then join a broker with no training, or ignore what training their broker does offer. There are some who consider real estate to just be a way to earn a little extra money to pay for a vacation, or to supplement the family income.

But depending on where you practice and what the average sale price is, a person can make a very lucrative income as a Realtor®. With a NJ real estate license, a newly licensed agent could easily make $100,000 in their first year as a newly licensed real estate agent, and I know many who make more than double that after two or three years in the profession.

Best of all, your future earnings are up to you, not your boss. If you want to work seven days a week in the spring market because you have numerous buyers, you can. If you want to take vacation or time off each week to cheer on your child at school sports, you have the freedom to do so.

Flexible work schedule.

Notwithstanding the necessity to respond to clients when they need you, a real estate agent does have the flexibility to set her own work schedule. There are dual-career agents who work as teachers and nurses and who still earn a significant income. You are running your own business, so if you want to take an extra week off with the kids in the summer, or want to watch your daughter’s track meet every Tuesday, you don’t have to ask permission to do so.

Personal fulfilment from helping people.

People need real estate professionals during some of the momentous times of their lives, and our ability to deliver service, results, empathy and assistance is very rewarding. As Realtors® we get to experience the joy of seeing a young couple excitedly walk into their first home—and to help other clients through the emotional times of leaving the home where they raised their children in order to move to a nursing home or because the house must be sold after a divorce. We can be a wonderful resource helping job transferees by advising them about neighborhoods, or where to find the best food stores, coffee shops and babysitters. We also have the privilege of helping the next of kin through the sad times when they have to sell the home of a deceased family member.

Personally, as a person who first earn his real estate license 32 years ago I believe there is nothing that compares to a real estate career!

Garden State Real Estate Academy is New Jersey’s top-rated real estate licensing school.  pre-licensing and broker licensing classes must usually be taken in live classroom settings, we have temporary permission to offer these classes via Zoom. We have both daytime and evening classes that start every two weeks. For more information, go to www.GSREacademy.com


David C. Forward is a licensed real estate broker and instructor and was first licensed as a Realtor® 31 years ago. During his career, David and his business partner sold more than 450 homes in South Jersey.  He is now School Director of Garden Real Estate Academy, has won numerous awards for real estate sales, is a much-requested public speaker who has addressed audiences on six continents and is the author of 15 books. David can be reached at Support@GSREacademy.com

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