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How to Get Your NJ Real Estate License


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Our Mission

Garden State Real Estate Academy’s mission is to adequately prepare each student for the New Jersey real estate license examination by offering an education that is complete, meaningful, and productive. Garden State Real Estate Academy provides our students with class schedules, both day and evening, understanding the need for availability and flexibility.  Our curriculum and methods of instruction focus on a more practical approach in educating future referral agents, salespersons, and brokers. By incorporating interactive discussions and introducing realistic scenarios that frequently occur in today’s real estate transactions, our students are provided with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the real estate business.

About Us
Real Estate Courses Online - Garden State Real Estate Academy

Set Yourself Up for Real Estate Success With In-Person or Online Real Estate Courses – New Jersey & Pennsylvania

With a successful real estate career, you can help people sell their current place or buy their dream home, all while earning unlimited commission, having flexible working hours, and being your own boss. To be one of the many successful real estate professionals, you must first obtain your real estate license and be knowledgeable about the real estate market.

In New Jersey, we can help you become a successful real estate agent through our real estate courses, which fully prepare you to take the real estate licensing exam and offer continuing education for real estate professionals. Garden State is the best real estate school in NJ that offers comprehensive real estate classes and has a track record of students passing the NJ real estate license exam. We also offer courses for those seeking to work in Pennsylvania.

Garden State: Your Career Jump Starter Training

Garden State will not only prepare you to pass the New Jersey real estate exam,  but also to join the ranks of successful New Jersey real estate agents. As one of the best real estate schools in the state, we offer comprehensive courses and continuing education to fully equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to become the best real estate agent you can be.

Here are the key components of our education program that will be extremely helpful to jumpstarting your real estate career:

  • Online real estate classes
  • Exam prep course
  • Real estate math
  • Real estate sales
  • Real estate dictionary
  • Printed course textbook
  • Test prep cram classes
  • Pre-licensing education
  • Continuing education courses
  • Professional teachers
  • Professional network of alumni

Why Choose Garden State

Since 2002, Garden State has been a real estate school that provides salesperson, broker, and continuing education classes. Our qualified professionals have a teaching style that uses real-life examples to get you ready to face real-life scenarios in the real estate world.

Knowing that students need availability and flexibility, Garden State Real Estate Academy offers weekend classes and both daytime and evening class schedules to its students. We have qualified, state-approved instructor support and seasoned real estate sales associates as teachers. We have additional study practice exams and allow each student to take as many classes as they require to be fully confident in taking the licensing exam.

Regardless of your prior career training or experience, our instructors have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand the material you need to succeed in real estate. Our real estate education and training can help you gain the competitive advantage you need to be on top in your local real estate market.

Your First Step Toward Real Estate Success

A successful real estate career depends on getting a great real estate education and staying on top of current market trends. The real estate industry is very competitive; you should be well-informed and well-equipped to hold a real estate broker license. You want keep up a continuous intake of knowledge regarding emerging trends and advancements in the industry through continuing education in order to increase your success in closing deals.

Whether you need a preparation course for a licensing exam or ongoing training and education to keep your real estate agent skills up to date, we’ve got you covered! Take a massive step forward in achieving success in your new career and contact us today! 

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